The future of communications is about solutions that are designed for the user, driven by software people and powered by the cloud. Join the Developer Training for Twilio Partners in a city near you to learn how to build powerful, reliable and scalable communications applications for your customers.

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What to Expect

The Developer Training for Twilio Partners is created for developers who are new to Twilio or want to refresh their skills. The training will cover popular Twilio-powered use cases, best practices, and common application design principles. It will introduce you to Twilio's APIs and core capabilities, providing you with hands-on practice using Twilio to make and receive voice calls, send and receive text messages, and make calls from within a web browser. You will leave this training with the tools you need to build communication solutions that deliver great customer experiences.


Engineering the Customer Experience Roadshow

Developer Training for Twilio Partners is a part of the Engineering the Customer Experience Roadshow. We'll be visiting six cities this summer to help companies engineer great customer experiences in this new software-defined world, and to explore how these changes will streamline business communications. The Roadshow will be the day after the Developer Training. We recommend you attend the Roadshow in addition to the Training to learn about how to apply your Twilio skills to your business.